• Ads

    Ad campaign focused on fluorescent lighting’s trait of being an inefficient “energy hog” and the startling amount of energy it uses compared to phytoplankton. This approach relied more on the shock factor. It also provides a link to the PowerStrip microsite for even more in-depth information.

  • Brochures

    This refrigeration LED lighting product brochure reviewed the increased benefits of using Immersion RH10 LED lighting as well as the increased savings and visual appeal the product provides.

  • Microsites

    This miniMax microsite employs Matchbox cars and trucks to represent the concept of a small LED that offers a big increase in the percentage of brightness over the previous product.

  • Logos

    This logo for Bearing Manufacturing Co. is a simple but contemporary design that represents mechanical bearing with the configurations of a blueprint.

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Recent Works

Lumination 2x2 LED Ceiling Light Brochure

Utilizing limited resources and budget, this brochure had the product literally popping off the background and paired with intriguing copy, it cleverly invited the reader to learn more. Printed and distributed throughout the U.S. to support the “Back to Square One” ad.